DBITALB's Drawbook Restaurant Management System

Welcome to DBITALB, where we understand the complexities and demands of running a successful restaurant. In today’s competitive landscape, efficient operations and exceptional customer experiences are essential for standing out in the market. That’s where Drawbook Restaurant Management System comes in – a comprehensive solution designed to streamline every aspect of your restaurant’s workflow, from order management to inventory control and customer engagement. Let’s explore how Drawbook Restaurant Management System can revolutionize your restaurant’s operations and elevate your business to new heights.

Efficiently managing orders is the cornerstone of any successful restaurant. Drawbook Restaurant Management System offers a robust order management system that simplifies the process from start to finish. With our intuitive interface, your staff can easily input orders, customize them based on customer preferences, and send them directly to the kitchen for preparation. Whether orders come from dine-in customers, online platforms, or phone calls, Drawbook RMS ensures accuracy and promptness, minimizing errors and enhancing customer satisfaction. Say goodbye to order mix-ups and long wait times – with Drawbook RMS, your orders are in good hands

Building strong relationships with your customers is key to fostering loyalty and driving repeat business. Drawbook Restaurant Management System offers powerful customer management tools that enable you to capture valuable customer data and personalize the dining experience. With our system, you can easily track customer preferences, order history, and feedback, allowing you to tailor your offerings to meet their needs. Whether it’s recommending their favorite dishes or offering targeted promotions, Drawbook RMS helps you create memorable dining experiences that keep customers coming back for more. Strengthen your customer relationships and build a loyal customer base with Drawbook RMS

Understanding your restaurant’s performance is crucial for making informed business decisions and driving growth. Drawbook Restaurant Management System offers comprehensive reporting and analytics tools that provide valuable insights into various aspects of your operations. From sales trends to menu performance, our system gives you access to real-time data that helps you identify areas for improvement and capitalize on opportunities for growth. With actionable insights at your fingertips, you can make data-driven decisions that drive success for your restaurant. Unlock the full potential of your data with Drawbook RMS

Keeping track of inventory levels and ingredient usage is critical for maintaining smooth operations and controlling costs. Drawbook ERP Restaurant Management System provides advanced inventory management features that give you full visibility and control over your restaurant’s stock. Our system allows you to track inventory levels in real-time, monitor ingredient usage, and generate automated reorder alerts when stock levels are low. With accurate insights into your inventory, you can prevent stockouts, reduce waste, and optimize purchasing decisions, saving both time and money in the process. Say hello to streamlined inventory control with Drawbook RMS.

Integrating various systems and platforms is essential for ensuring smooth operations and data synchronization. Drawbook Restaurant Management System seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, including point-of-sale (POS) systems, online ordering platforms, and accounting software, allowing for effortless data exchange and synchronization. Our system eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors, saving you time and resources in the process. Whether you’re processing transactions, managing orders, or analyzing sales data, Drawbook RMS ensures that all your systems work together seamlessly. Experience the power of seamless integration with Drawbook RMS.

In today’s fast-paced world, having access to your restaurant’s data on the go is essential for staying agile and responsive. Drawbook Restaurant Management System is fully mobile-responsive, allowing you to manage your restaurant from anywhere, at any time. Whether you’re on the floor interacting with customers or off-site attending to other responsibilities, you can stay connected to your restaurant’s operations through your smartphone or tablet. Our mobile accessibility ensures that you can make timely decisions and respond quickly to changing circumstances, keeping your restaurant ahead of the curve. Stay connected and stay in control with Drawbook RMS.

Experience the Difference with Drawbook RMS

At DBITALB, we’re passionate about helping restaurants succeed in a competitive industry. With Drawbook Restaurant Management System , you can streamline your operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth for your business. Our comprehensive solution is designed to meet the unique needs of your restaurant, empowering you to achieve your goals and exceed expectations. Experience the difference that Drawbook Restaurant Management System can make for your restaurant – schedule a demo today and take the first step towards a brighter future. Unlock your restaurant’s full potential with Drawbook ERP  Restaurant Management System from DBITALB.

KOT Module

Restaurant Management System

Restaurant Management

DBITLAB Restaurant Management is helping restaurant operators to manage their inventory and optimize their profits. 

Restaurant Management

Know all you inventory usages and stock levels instantly!

Kitchen Display

DBITLAB KDS makes every second count with a rich, customizable and actionable information. 

Kitchen Display

Staff can monitor screens to obtain all the information they need to sequence, make and close orders and prevent lost orders.

Table Management

Designing Table layout has never been so easy. With DBITLAB easy table management , 

Table Management

user can create number of layouts for many locations and settings like Dine IN, Pool Side, Roof Top etc.

Food Costing

DBITLAB tracks each recipe and link it with the ingredient, which was used for preparing the dish. 

POS System

DBITLAB Food Costing feature provides the total Cost of the Recipe by calculating the price of ingredients.

Recipe Management

Recipe management can be a daunting task for any restaurant

Recipe Management

Efficiently manage your recipe with DBITLAB recipe management module which comprises advanced features for mapping relevant ingredients and utilizing different unit of measurements.

Waiter & Sales Queue System

Customer waiting time and queues are an arithmetic certainty of hospitality industry. 


Waiter & Sales Queue System

Even on regular days when the order demand builds up, queues are bound to occur. Provide your customers a delightful experience by avoiding long queue


All aspects of Restaurant operations such as employee scheduling, Kitchen Management, dining order tracking, Takeaway, home delivery, customer service has a good impact on Restaurant Automation System. By implementing this technology we can have benefits like increased efficiency and excellent diner experience. 80% of the Restaurants are turning to the technology for the Business improvement in terms of finance and maximum utilization of available resources


The technology used is C#.net + WPF and MS SQL. C# (C SHARP) is the object oriented language from Microsoft used for high end applications development. Along with the event driven via C# , .NET development team makes maximum benefits of .NET framework and C# technology to provide robust, scalable and powerful Automated Billing solutions to meet your business needs. Its Responsive in architecture which means it is compatible to any device.